Webcam hottie

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^^ Meet Luccy. Isn't she just fine? I like this mix of brunette, BBW, and big boobies. Anywho, I just thought you guys wouldn't mind knowing about her.
Video uploaded by: 20Luccy.

Ps. Just for fairness sake, I'm gonna copy/paste the instructions to find her: "if you want to see her getting nasty, go to and search for Luccy20."

Hot Arab girl smoking

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Hot Arab Girl Smokes Hookah - Watch more Funny Videos

I'm very much against smoking, but when you're watching a chick this hot, smoking the way she does... I'm gonna have to change my opinion on cigarettes. So hot!

Busty girlfriend blows

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This video ought to be shown at Girlfriend School. That way all girlfriends would know how to give proper blowjobs. Problem is, we would need the Girlfriend School to be actually running. :0(

Picture time!

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I like the zoom on the boobies on this photo

She's simply gorgeous :0)

A little grabby, grabby action going on here, eh?

With those lips she could do more things than just communicate ;)

Julia Bond :)

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I'm sure, she's an old pal to many of you, but I just discovered her. Now, this is what I'm talking about, Julia Bond! Too bad about the potty mouth, but you can't win them all, eh? This one goes especially to the guy who likes tattooed girls and such. You got quite the taste, man.
Video uploaded by: IAmJuliaBond.

Gabriella Michaels

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I'm gonna make a little game, there's two things in this video that are mesmerizing. Can you guess, what are these two things?

Self-boob massage

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No woman should be forced to self-massage her own boobs. I'd be more than happy to help them out. It's not fair for them to be doing so much work :)
Video uploaded by: thegirlsex1.

Webcam big tits

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^^ I watched this video a long time ago, and is still one of my favourites. She's such a babe, it's unbelievable. Want some more of her???

Enjoy!! And if any of you happen to know what website she works for or her username, let me know!

Cute emo girls

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One very hot sauna

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Any sauna gets that much hotter when a hottie like Merilyn Sakova is inside. I just wish she did scenes with a bit more spice, like a lesbian scene and such :(

Boobs almost falling off shirt

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Good thing she had her hands right on the boobies or else...
Video uploaded by: korioto75.

How not to get murdered

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I think this is a pretty important video to watch, especially, if you're into the kind of stuff that might get you killed. Like always, I'd watch this with the sound off (unless you wanna hear her scream). I like this chick, she's loud and proud!
Video uploaded by: spricket24

Brunette time x 2

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Funny busty drink ad

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Ok, so it seems that if you buy this drink your boobies will get bigger. Now, the important question y'all asking is how much does it cost and where can I buy it? Come on, admit it!!
Video uploaded by: chioblog.

Cute busty Japanese girl bouncing

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I like this cute culture they have in Japan. Watch this video, I'm sure you'll agree she's cute. As a side note, you will also notice she's playing volleyball of some sort. Needless to say, there's lots of very gracious bouncing moments :0)
Video uploaded by: ahiyooo.

Brunette time

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Busty Vids blogspot

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I noticed I got a shot out from Busty Vids so here ya go: visit for more videos like the one above. :)

Which one do you like best?

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So which one of these two busty babes should I post more pictures of?



I have my own preference but I won't tell you who I like best. ;)

Ps. I'll post some pics of the loser sometime later in the year, anyways.

Anje from Germany

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First off, many thanks to kr0w without whom I'd gone mental :0)

I'm almost certain her name is actually Antje, but we'll go with what my source says. According to kr0w, her name is dev_foetzchen, and I found that she now goes by GB-Schlampe.

Image Hosted by

By the way, Anje went through two stages, one as a blonde as dev_foetzchen, and another as a brunette as GB-Schlampe.

So, I went and search for her and lo and behold apparently she got a ton of very kinky videos. If you like kinky, I suggest you click in the links below. The link on the GB-Schlampe phase, it's pretty regular stuff, i.e. a very hot blowjob. They all lead to video streaming sites.

dev_foetzchen phase:

GB-Schlampe phase:

The problem with her is that she is WAY too kinky for my style, so I guess I won't be posting much of her :0(

Anywho, enjoy!!!

Jenna Doll

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^^ Jenna Doll was one of my favourite porn starts. I heard she retired :( I feel so bad, I had to search and watch a video of her. This is pretty damn hot stuff!!!

The Man Show - Juggies

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Juggy's Help out a Sick Kid in the Hospital - The best video clips are right here

This is a classic. The Man Show was a so-so show, but had some great moments. Those moments being went the Juggies came on screen. Now picture this: there's a kid in a hospital dying, and the Man Show hosts come to grant him a wish. Of course, his wish is related to the Juggies. That's all you need to know, watch the clip!

Top of the morning to you

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Nothing like waking up and be greeted by a nice, warming smile :)

But, it's twice as better if the smile comes with a couple of big boobies on the side :0)

Thank you and please, cum again ;)

Another bouncy busty redhead

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This video is sure to get your heart or something else going. The boobies bounciness factor here, it's very high here. Must watch video!!
Video uploaded by: downblousefan.

Busty redhead candid camera

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This guy, beautifulcandid, really do shoot some beautiful women. Just look at her!! Wow, I wish my co-workers looked like that, oh well...

All right, so who is she?

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I saw her a few days on another website, and I still haven't figured out who she is. She probably has a website or something. Anywho, any ideas? Come on, somebody must know!!!

Image Hosted by

^^ Ooopsy grabby :0)

Image Hosted by

^^ Battle of the tit(an)s...

Image Hosted by

^^ And the winner is...

Image Hosted by

^^ How do you like 'em apples? Money shot for the end, eh?

Big titted chick shaking her tits

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Mooore Tetas

DaZz DiVa|MySpace Videos

^^ Silly video of some drunk chick (??) shaking her tits in her friend's face. If I were that guy I'd be worried I get hit by those massive tits...

I'm back!!!

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Candid camera with big boobs

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I'm not really a fan of these candid cameras, but they're good for a change of pace. I guess her customers got a little more than they stare or bargained for :0)

On other news, I still won't have Internet connection till next Wed. It's very hard to make any new postings when the connection you got goes on and off all the time. Anywho, just hang in there. I'll be posting some ID requests on a few animated gif files on Wed. She's cute, busty and does porno, but no idea who she is...

Sorry for not posting for a while

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