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Pay a visit to Bellies and Boobs, you will not be disappointed :0)

Best boobs from Brazil

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^^ Woman with very big breast implants in a Brazilian talk show. If she continues with this breast enhancing deal; she'll be joining the likes of SaRenna Lee soon enough.
Video uploaded by nandoguitar.

Busty firefighter

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^^ Comedy sketch from Brazil featuring a very sexy busty firefighter. Funny if you happen to understand the language ;)
Video uploaded by nandoguitar.

Amanda from BB9

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^^ The sweet thing about this video it's the very easy cleavage shot. Granted, the camera is probably "hidden," but still!! In another note, it seems Amanda was quite popular from what I saw. I wonder why... ;)
Video uploaded by karalynbarber655.

Hottest exercise video EVER!!!

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^^ No words needed to explain why Kayleigh Pearson's exercise program is my new favourite! Video uploaded by EternalJargon.

Yummy blonde

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She's a crowd favourite so there you go. Still got plenty of pictures ;)

Picture needs captioning

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Seriously guys this picture SOOO needs a caption...

Big tits in candid video

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Tetona En El Bus - More bloopers are a click away

^^ A cool candid video that pretty much only focuses on some big boobies. Video uploaded by ALBEKOX.

Lingerie models trying a roller coaster

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^^ Very amusing video, especially if you understand Portuguese ;) However, you don't need to know the language to appreciate all the boob bouncing that you'll see here. Video uploaded by espmex24.

Topless beach commercial

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Topless Beach Commercial - Awesome video clips here

^^ Kinda poor quality video. This is very much an infomercial on those famous topless beaches in Europe. The interesting part about this video it's that for some reason, the commercial is half in English and half in Spanish. Not to mention, the Spanish sounds awfully weird. Oh well...

Sophie Reade is a smart girl...

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Check out the following article: click here! Who would've thought that someone who looks like this...

Or this...

Or this...

Or this...

Could be that smart???? :0)

Breast expansion candid camera

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^^ Sorta funny clip from a candid camera show in some Eastern European nation (Russia, perhaps?). Video uploaded by Zangaratsu.

One of the best blogs ever...

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This is just a tiny sample of what you can get at Smoothie Luv's Boobie Club. If for some odd reason you haven't heard of Smoothie Luv (like that's possible) go over there immediately and check it out!!

What's new guys?

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Image Hosted by

Just dropping by to say hey to everybody. I just wanted to share a really cool game with y'all. Let's see who can finish the game without getting caught peeking around...

Insert awesome flash games to your profile!

Shay Laren

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^^ This is from the Penthouse Pet Pageant in the Howard Stern show. Shay Laren is a very talented girl as you will see should you watch the video. Not to mention her boobs, which are some of the best looking boobies in the biz. I wish more girls were like Shay Laren...

Video uploaded by undergroundking218.

Busty French Amateur fuck

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^^ check out the hangers on this babe. Now, this is what I call tits :)

Video uploaded by boobs1800.

Can you help me resolve this mystery?

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Ok, so this is the deal. Many moons ago, I watched a video of this cute blonde girl. I thought this is just some random girl flashing her boobies on the web. Anywho, this is the "random" girl...

Now, a few months ago mindlessly surfing Youtube I encountered this other video...

Are they the same girl? They look very much alike, at least, I think so. What's your take on this important issue?

Sophie Reade 2

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^^ Sophie Reade jumps around in the garden. There's plenty of bouncing going around, but I want some more :( The second part is just bitching around but you get a little bit of cleavage there. Thanks to EternalJargon for uploading this.

Jerry Springer can be very entertaining

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^^ Girls stripping, touching each other, and just having fun in front of a bunch of strangers... What more do you want?

Ps. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

From Colombia with love

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^^ The content (aka the girls in the bikinis) in this video is top quality. Sometimes I wonder if people still remember that they're there for the cars and no the girls. I think we can work a compromise, can't we?

Video updated by pcortess.

Hot candid video

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^^ Now, this is the sort of candid video I like. This chick has a huge rack, oh my... Video uploaded by spawn1hugo.

Yummy busty blonde

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I've posted her before. I figured her fans would like to see more :0) Tell me if you'd like to see some more :0)

Brazilian fun race

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Check out the new girl, Mari. She's got my type of body, although overall, I still prefer Dieine.

The funnest part of it all is the recaps, of course. Fun is had by all! Thanks to espmex24 for uploading this.

Some .Gifs for y'all

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Sabrina Sabrok, Big Brother Mexico

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^^ This is a treat for her fans. Sabrina Sabrok is doing a striptease for the participants of Big Brother and did I say that this is uncensored? For those who don't know, Sabrina is a TV host from Argentina (she lives in Mexico, though) and has huge fake boobs. Thanks to SkullySC for uploading this.

Find the ball

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^^ Anyone knows what the hell happened here? Seriously, there's more in this video other than the boobs that meet the eye... ;) Cool stuff.

Video uploaded by hunxueming.

Big Brother Australia

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^^ This is Bianca. She's described as "bitch, boobs and brains." If I had to choose between those three, what would it be? Oh, the mysteries of life... Thanks to skystar320 for uploading this.

Sophie Reade

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^^ Once again, I seemed to have come late. For those of you who didn't know, this is Sophie Reade. She's on Big Brother (UK???)and for the looks of it she's probably a favourite hahaha. Thanks to EternalJargon for uploading this.

^^ A much more interesting video. Some boob wooble, cleavage, and she's wearing some sexy lingerie for some reason... Thanks to EternalJargon for uploading this.

^^ Bonus. Short and sweet close-up to the boobies. Thanks to matwifbob for uploading this.

Amanda Lab

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^^ Short but interesting boobage related content. There's no sound in this video so I couldn't tell but is Amanda Lab British by any chance? Thanks to ReallySadBastardfor uploading this!

What's the Internet good for?

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Well, porn of course!!! At least, that's the lesson we learned from Avenue Q a musical (??) guest in Late Night with Jimmmy Fallon. I love the show. Great stuff! Thanks to andreausu for uploading this!

By the way, if you're looking for Natalia Domestico, all of her posts are working. Well, at least, most of them.

Cute little webcam model dance

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^^ This chick should totally get into porn! Alternatively, she could get a job as one sexy Santa Helper in my mall. In any case, she's my kind of webcam model. Good job Julia!

Thanks to Dede0150 for uploading this!

Ivonne Soto, latina with big boobies

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^^ Ivonne looks so hot in that shirt, unfortunately, she's also 3 month pregnant at the time of recording. Not too bad for a pregnant chick, huh? Thanks to digitalclaw for uploading this.

^^ Poor quality video, but the cameraman captures the boobies in a most sneaking way. Ivonne is just happy to play along :0)Thanks to Videotronick for uploading this.

Even more Brazilian lovin'

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I'm starting to become a fan of Brazilian TV.

^^ This time, the idea is two super hot girls have a cake fight in the streets. Check this stuff out, it's SUPER hot!!! Thanks to espmex24 for uploading this.

It's time for some Brazilian lovin'

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^^ This is a most fascinating show. It's called Brothers, and this time they have a selection of very hot girls running and bouncing around. The interesting part is that they have close-up camera right where you're thinking. My favourite one is that girl in the yellow bikini (Dieine), what about you? Thanks to espmex24 for uploading this.

Japanese bouncing boob counter

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Japanese Bouncing Boobs Counter - Watch more Funny Videos

^^ They should totally do that around here. I'm highly interested in the physics of boob bouncing, as I'm sure, all of you are. Do you think we can get NASA would be interested in sponsoring an experiment like that? Of course, they would. After all, they're not stuck-up scientists...

Hot girls boxing

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Hot Girlz Boxing - Watch more Funny Videos

^^ Something tells me this is fake, but who cares? I mean, there's two hot chicks in bikinis fighting each other, what is not to like? Congrats to Deanna and Nicole for provinding the entertainment and to Kickass_Girlz for uploading this :0)

Sofia Vergara

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^^ A very nice compilation of Sofia Vergara in some award ceremony. I like her dress, it really fits her figure well, if you know what I mean ;) Check 4:13 mark for some boob shaking action...

^^ If you like the video above, you're gonna like this one too. Sofia Vergara in a bikini. What would I do without bikinis?

Boobs memory game

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Adult Games

Ok, so granted, there's some asses in here too :P

Anyhow, the idea of the game is to match the boob/ ass pictures. Click where it says "new game" right on the top of the game screen. You'll have a limit of 54 flips to win a game. Have fun!!

By the way, who do you think is the owner of these big boobs?

Gif time

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^^ Sometimes Japanese porn freaks me out, but not this time :)Enjoy, and tell your friends!!!

German amateur fuck

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^^ Boobs1800, the user who uploaded this, identifies her as Angelina. I don't know if that's her name for sure, but I do know she has a ton of videos posted everywhere. In fact, I'm looking for more videos, if you know of some more videos, let me know!!!

Miley Cyrus

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Something tells me I should know who she is, alas, I don't. In any case, if you're a fan of Miley Cyrus make sure you catch her joggling. You might just a get a good eyeful. I know I did :0)

Happy Easter y'all!!!

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Happy Easter from Super Amanda: Boobs and Blues

^^ Continuing with my tradition of being late with all important dates, I now present you with an Easter Special Post. The video contains large amounts of boobage that will surely meet all of your required boobage needs :)
Thanks to Super Amanda Movies for uploading this!

The things you se in a cleavage

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Lady Bug Cleavage

^^ The title of the video says "ladybug cleavage..." I'll be totally honest here and write that I totally didn't see anything. Except, well, for the cleavage.

From Italy with love

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^^ Apparently, these Italian women like to show off their cleavage. Hey! No problem at all with me ;) This is Serena Garitta, whom I'd guess it's "famous" over there...
Thanks to amalavip2 for uploading this.

Christina del Basso (don't miss this!!!)

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^^ Remember Italian hottie, Cristina del Basso? Well, she has released a calendar (don't know when), and it appears she's topless there!!! Most importantly, watch this video and you might just see two surprises there ;) Thanks to DelBassoCristina for uploading this!


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^^ Check out her big, fake boobs. They're huge!!! She's pretty famous in some circles, but she goes by different names so you gotta find out that before starting your search. Still, this video is quite the eye-opener, eh? Thanks to egyptianrat for uploading this.

The real Youtube secret.

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^^ This secret seems to be the same secret that makes this blog successful :0)

A neat trick from Germany

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^^ This girl knows how to "entertain" people. :0)

So the laptop is pretty much dead

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I think I'm gonna need to buy a new laptop. The fan that keeps the laptop cool seems to be dead. So, if I turn the laptop on, the drive might burn from the heat and all my files will be lost. I could try and install a new fan, but I'm terrible with that sort of thing so I'll have to wait for a couple of months or so... :(

Still, all hope is not lost!!! Check this video out, if anything it'll teach you how to use lots of oil!

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