My computer just died :(

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You read that right, my computer just died on me :( This means that I won't be able to update the blog as often I'd like to so... Keep on rocking, I'll see how I resolve this issue.

Amber in a hot white dress

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You remember Amber, don't you? Well, in any case, you'll be glad to watch her with her cute (very) little white dress. In fact, the dress is so small it can barely contain her massive boobs :0)

Thanks to bustyones for uploading this.

The girls of my fantasies

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^^ Good combo, don't you think? Hooters and a girl from a fairytale combined in the same post ;)

Big tits at the beach

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^^ This is very low quality. However, the boobs are just too big to pass. Thanks to morelalovebbw for uploading this.

Webcam chick shows her skills

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^^ Oh man, she actually got me going on for a while there. You know what they say practice makes perfect. I'll be totally happy to help her improve her skills...

^^ Bonus. She tries to be cute and sexy at the same time... I think I found a new favourite :0)
Thanks to karlamaresa for uploading this.

Some busty shots

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Here you go, just as promised...

Kerry Marie & Mellie D are on a boat!!

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^^ I've never realized how truly big Kerry Marie's boobs are. They're truly huge!! Thanks to boobsinmotion for uploading this.

This pic needs a caption :)

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Tit flashing in Spring Break

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^^ I know it's a bit early for Spring Break and all that, but it's never too early for girls flashing their boobs. Anywho, this video is been going around for some time now. However, this is the full-length version. You can actually see her nipple and stuff :0) Enjoy!

Silly girls

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^^ I think Stef and Lisa are stoned. Plus, Stephanie has big juggs so all is well. They're kinda cute so what-the-hell, right?

Ps. I posted a link to my StumbleUpon. I haven't added anything there yet, but if you guys have any suggestions, I'd like to check them out.

Knock knock jokes!!

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^^ I'm just gonna post these three. The basic idea is you have a bunch of sexy, beautiful chicks telling knock knock jokes. They're silly but you'll get a laugh or two... Hell, I'll do anything just to stare at some boobies ;0)

Tandem boob press

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Girl with big boobs dancing

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I'm starting to become a fan of videos of girl dancing in their underwear. I wonder why, could it be the boobies bouncing? Or just their sexy little moves?

Girls like to have fun :)

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^^ Boy, don't they look like fun? :)

Limor Degani

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So, checking out the darkest corners of Youtube I found this. I was looking for something else, but this is much better haha :0)

I wish I could understand what she's saying, so I could make one of the witty remarks we all love. Alas, it was not meant to be :(

Thanks to limordegani for uploading this! Hey, who knows? it might even be her so :0)

From Israel with love

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^^ This is one fantastic TV campaign. The name of the girl is Limor Degani & she's been in another commercial for this company (yad2). If I find it, I'll post it. Thanks to aturetz for uploading it.

Update: I found it hahaha :)

^^ She's got a weird look in her face, doesn't she? Now that I think about it, there's even another video with her... Let's see if I can find it...

Sorry for not having posted anything :(

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What's going on guys? I'll be making a "special" post this Friday around 11:30pm. Come check it out!

^^ Also, you guys really want to see more pictures of her or not? I mean, just two comments is not that enthusiastic. Anyhow, this is for Tank Tops & Sports Bras and Anonymous. Thanks for the comments!

If you want more pics, I really need to see the "want" :)

Blonde girl with big boobs 2 part

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^^ I have a few more pictures of her. Still wanna see some more?

Blonde girl with big boobs

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^^ I have tons of pictures of her. Wanna see some more???

Party girls

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^^ I need to get into this kind of parties, seriously!

Webcam boobs

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^^ I like this girl. She's kinda cute, has big boobies and is already in her underwear, which is super important as we all know. Thanks to XXXBettyLove for uploading this.

Ps. I think someone wants you to visit Kinda obvious, eh?

Happy girls

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They all look so happy. Except, the first two. That's just cleavage ;)

From Turkey with love

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I think it's time y'all get acquitted with Turkish TV, I know I should've. Videos courtesy of baltabaltahakki.

^^ This looks like a soap opera. Anywho, the two things you should know are right there staring at you. Downblouse videos rock! Ps. The last few seconds must be some sort of weird editing.

^^ No sound. Check out the nipples!!

Rachel Aldana!!

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^^ Rachel Aldana in a very tight shirt. She's got some massive tits, don't you think?

This is for JM

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chi chi drums

I got a nice message from someone who goes by JM. Thanks for your kind words JM, and the above videos are for you. Have fun!

Boobies bouncing .gif files

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^^ The good thing about .gif files is that you can concentrate on what really matters... And because it's short, you can watch it a thousand times and never get tired :0)

Rachel Aldana!!

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^^ Rachel Aldana in a cute pink shirt. She's got such huge big titties.

Good morning!

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So tell me, what are you looking at?

Hottest Busty Tattoo Model Ever

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^^ Thanks to CyberDateMe for uploading this. This girl's name is Michelle Bombshell, she's a model for a company called SoCalGlamourGirls. She's not exactly my kind of girl, but I bet some of you like girls covered in tattoos with big DD boobs :0)

Really weird "candid camera"

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^^ Some weirdo goes around pulling the clothes off some women. This must be staged, what do you think?

Anyone up for some cleavage?

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^^ She looks worried :0(

^^ These two are having the time of their lives. I wonder if they're gonna have a pillow fight later?

Homemade porn

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^^ I think this Sunday is starting to look pretty good...

Isn't she adorable?

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Don't you wish more girls were like her? I sure do...

Laura Orsolya Got Boobs

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^^ Laura Orsolya became one of my favourite big-boob models ever since I saw her first video. Enough writing, enjoy!

Ps. Leave comments, people. I feel like I'm talking to myself here!!

Something different from The Onion

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Hot and bouncy candid video

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Busty Candid Street - The most amazing home videos are here

^^ The boobies on this South Asian (?) girl are bouncing all over the place. I think she busted the person filming her, though. Still, the bounciness was worthy :)

MILF with tattoos and a nice cleavage

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^^ This video has nothing to do with this blog. Still, I couldn't help it but post it here. She's just basically talking about lap band surgery (weight loss type of surgery) on this video. My advice is just turn off the sound and enjoy the view :) The topic may not be interesting but I love how her boobs look here. I think boobs hanging low are sexy, what do you think?

Über hot girl part 2

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Ok so I got a few comments from you guys. Since, I'm such a good sport I'll deliver what I promised. Have fun and see y'all tomorrow :)

Über hot girl

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Say hello to my newest find, her "artistic" name is Chudis. She hails from Argentina and is apparently an Internet star and such. I think she's adorable, still, I can think of two other reasons why she should be posted here. Shall I continue to prove my point?

I have more. I'll post them if there's enough interest :)
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