American Idol .gif file

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^^ I don't remember this girl's name. I remember she's the sister of some awful singer who everybody loved for some odd reason. Anyhow, did you check the boob bouncing? See? That is the stuff you don't get with silicone and such...

Ps. I posted a bunch of pictures here. If you clicked on the pictures they appeared smaller, that has been repaired. Check them out, some really hot girls in there.

Aggressive lesbians

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^^ Once again, watch this before it gets deleted!!! This may be just a trailer but it has nudity on it. Oh did I also say that there's lesbians on it? No? I thought I did... Weird... Video courtesy of realitybedroom1.


^^ I decided to post the video on "how to lick tits." This is more for laughs than anything especially since most of you don't understand Spanish. If you do, what do you think about it? Thanks to jhonerislaguzman for posting this.

Hot latina

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^^ Meet Malillany Marín. Now, aren't you glad you met her? hahaha Unfortunately, this is quite possibly one of the best videos of her boobies. She always wear low-cut shirts and stuff but the cameramen kinda ignores the boobs (???). Fortunately for us, I found an exception to the rule :) Thanks to FernandoRetro for uploading this.

^^ I like the zoom on her boobs. Although, I'm quite sure if this is the same girl (title says so). Thanks to maxagua for uploading this.

Ps. I found a video in Spanish that teaches you how to suck tits, would you like to see it? Like I said it's in Spanish so... Leave a comment, eh?

Single hottest tit sucking video

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Warning: extremely hot stuff!!!

^^ I have never watched two women suck each others' tits like these two. Watch out for the one with the pink (??) shirt. Man, she's a mean sucker haha :)

Low-cut shirt webcam

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^^ This is one of the classics. I've seen pictures, but never the video. I think this one is special 'cause it appeals to so many fantasies: she's cute, wears revealing clothes, cleavage, is a bit on the heavy side (which I really like), smokes, and seems to enjoy the attention. Not too bad, eh?

Long live Michael Jackson

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Lest me forget, Michael :0(

MILF celebrities and their cleavage :)

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^^ Let's start with a major celebrity, Gillian Anderson from the X-Files. Hmmmphh how about that? Not exactly huge, but very nice nonetheless. Thanks to acomerlaaaa for posting this!

^^ Not much to say on this one other than as RattlerXXXX (who's responsible for posting this on Youtube) wrote on the description of this video: "Viviana Gibelli and Her Awesome Rack!"

Happy National Cleavage Day (very, very late)

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^^ Did you guys know that there's such a thing as National Cleavage Day? Not? It doesn't matter, just watch the video :)

HUGE webcam boobs

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^^ Sometimes I exaggerate a bit to describe videos, but this time the boobs really do speak for themselves. It's a shame I don't usually know the names of these webcam girls. Women with boobs this big can really make it in the industry :)

^^ Bonus track. This is not really a webcam, that's why it's just a bonus. This redhead girl is really going places if she keeps making scenes like this one hahaha. Hope we can see more of her, anybody knows her name?

Some super hot candid pictures

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BBW webcam

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^^ I think she has a great future in the world of webcams and virtual dances. Plus, she could work for dove in one of those commercials, she's already in her undies so...

Fuko gets her huge boobs fondle by some dude

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^^ A little over 4 minutes of pure, boob fondling goodness (thanks to Uskoltub for posting this!!). Fuko really does have a very angelic face, her boobs are also really big and really fat. The lucky guy in this video is really lucky... Damn you!!!

Disclaimer: Of course, I don't actually mean that. I'm sure everybody loves him and wants to be his friend :0)

Very bouncing boobs

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This video is so freaking good, lots of bouncing action on this MILF. Thanks to bestcandid for posting this :)

^^ I think she's way hotter, but she's also way wearing more clothes than the MILF above. You'll only get a glimpse of the boob-potential, but it's very sweet nonetheless. Courtesy of bestcandid as well.

How to wash a knife

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^^ I don't believe I have ever seen a best, more appropriate way to wash a knife. This is a work of perfection :) Thanks to drongovids for posting this!

A super hot candid video

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One long video featuring one girl. Don't worry, she's so hot you could watch her for hours. The boob jiggling, and the cleavage is just unbelievable. Thanks to bestcandid for posting this!

For Smoothie Luv

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So, the other day I posted a video (click here) that Smoothie Luv really like, or so they say. Anyways, I've been searching around and found something. Not quite sure if it's the same girl. What do you think?

^^ Suspect #1

^^ Suspect #2

If anything, I'd guess #2 makes a strong case. I wonder...

^^ Bonus video for (no) good reason :0)

Cleavage galore!

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An assortment of cleavage shots for y'all :) The first one is a young girl who has very massive, fat boobs. The second one has massive boobs too, but it's more the BBW type. The last one is just a teaser, but whatever, nice nonetheless :0)

Natalia Domestico new video!!!

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Thanks to CalifasVision for posting this on youtube!!

^^ Natalia Domestico is so hot, man!! Enjoy her large, wobbly boobs!!

Super hot car models

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Two things you should know it's that
1) There's a commercial playing before the actual video starts, and
2) The whole thing is in Spanish (not that you're too interested in what they have to say).

^^ Check out these chicks in their perfect bikini bodies. Perfect (silicone) boobs too!

Ps. How's everybody doing? Can anyone tell me a couple of forums or sites to promote my site?

Huge cleavage

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Webcam boobs

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^^ It's not often that I write this, but this chick Annie Cruz really does have some huge boobs. Big, full boobs are one of the nicest things you can watch, eh?

Girlfriend's tits

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Girl grabbing her boobs

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Look at the couple of jewels I found on Youtube!

^^ There's so much boob squeezing in this video, you won't know what to do with yourself :)

Neat trick

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^^ Tell me, the last time you watched a video where a chick uses her nipple as a bottle opener. Hmmmph? Didn't think so!

Leisy Suárez, big boobs latina

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^^ Greetings from Peru hehehe. Man, look at her in her sexy black dress. If only all the chicks I know dressed like that...

^^ The tits don't look nearly as big on this one, but it's very sexy nonetheless.
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