Candid big boobs in the bedroom

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Not much to say about this video other than check out that huge rack!

Busty painter and an update

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So, I'm happy to announce my laptop issues have been resolved. Boy, let me tell you. I got this nasty "virus" (it's in quotation marks, 'cause technically speaking is a "bad image error"), and it affected everything in my laptop. Well, everything has been resolved by ditching Microsoft Windows and switching to Ubuntu OS :0) Now that that's out of the way, let's go back to the important things in life, like painting. Yes, painting.

^^ I hope you noticed why she's on this blog. Need some reasons? OK...

^^ There's a lot of drama on the last one, but she's wearing this super sexy shirt. Oh man... Enjoy!

Boobs on the bus

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Hey guys. Sorry for not having posted in a couple of days. I have good reasons though, my labtop is not connecting to my wireless network. Useless piece of junk!! :0( Anyhow, let us wonder on the boobs and not in the problems of real-life.

^^ A very long (9+ minutes!) voyeur video. Did I ever said how much I enjoy a good cleavage? The other plus of this video is just how big, and full these boobs are. I mean, just look at 'em!

^^ Much shorter (2+ minutes) video, in the same vein as the above one.

Do you guys like what you see? Is there anything in special you would like to see? Tell me and I'll make sure to post something :0)

Christa and her locks

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This is fairly interesting. Apparently, Christa likes picking locks, trying to get them open, and all that. Personally, I like something different. Watch the videos and you'll see...

^^ Hmmmph what do you guys think? Wasn't that good?

Random videos

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Random videos from youtube. Lots of bouncing, and cleavage. Enjoy!

^^ She's so sexy :) Plus, she does a little bouncing for y'all!

Picture time

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Sexy commercials

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Hey guys. I like these commercials so much, I might want to buy the products...

^^ From Portugal, boobs, sorry, a cellphone that vibrates and jiggles, too ;)

^^ If all that boob jiggling wasn't enough, check this other video :)

Latina with big boobs

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This is Chloe Veria, a very big-boobed latina. She has a very voluptuous demeanour too :)

^^ Some good boobs bouncing action going on here.

^^ The bouncing is so much more better on this one...

All the videos were posted by: lexsitoxman.

I love BBW

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I've been always a fan of BBW. I have found yet another reason to be crazy about them. I mean, look at her big tits sucking that lollypop. Kinda reminds me of something else...

Another webcam model

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Hey, so I posted her before and I know that youtube took the video down pretty quickly, mainly cuz, there's some actual boobies being shown. So, I'll post another video of her (no flashing this time, sorry) and have fun!!

Sexy skinny girl

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^^ This chick has some sweet moves. I especially like that she's a redhead with big tits. Nice!

^^ Bonus! A blonde big-boobed web-cam model is bouncing her big boobs all over the place.

I'm back!!!

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Howdy y'all!! I'm sorry for not having posted anything on my blog for the longest time. I have a good reason, though, grad school. Let me tell you, it's tough, very tough. For this reason, there's nothing better than looking at a nice cleavage, so enjoy!

Cristina del Basso

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She's one hell of a woman. Let's celebrate her and her shenanigans. Thanks to sasoriscorpion44 from youtube! :)

^^ Love how the video shows Cristina on a bikini the whole time. 4:42 of pure bikini goodness. Not too bad, eh?

^^ Short video, but has some Cristina applying some cream on her soft boobs.
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