Hot chick blows some guy

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Sweet! How many of you wouldn't like to have a maid just like her, eh?

Miosotis (mega post)

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This blog needs a bit more Miosotis.

^^ Miosotis and Nadine Jansen trying on bras.

^^ Anna Song sucking on Miosotis' massive boobs.

Uploaded by basis5

^^ Miosotis lap dancing...

Hope you guys enjoy this post

Anna Song

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Anna Song is one of those girls I will never get tired of. She's come a long way since her early days with Bettie Ballhaus, don't you think?

Picture time

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Hi there! I'm gonna start using an image host provider other than blogger, just because the other day I realized they seem to have a limit for our files. Anyhow, enjoy the pictures!

Ps. I wish I knew why I'm explaining myself here. Seriously...

Candid boobs and other boobs

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^^ Part one of this super sexy candid video.

^^ Part 2. There are a lot of candid videos taken from buses. Some are pretty crappy, but this one is good nough to be posted here.

As a side note, I'd like to remind everybody that contributions/ suggestions/ feedback/ ideas are all welcome via: Thank you, and please come again!!

Strange boobies related video

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^^ I don't know what to think of this video. Sure, the boobs are ok and the girl looks like a good fucker (not that I would know that), but she looks like she's possessed or is at least having hallucinations... Anyhoo...

Natalia Domestico

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Here we go again. I can't get enough of her. Thanks to Califeras Unidas!!!

One very lovely lady

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Boobies bouncing

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^^ Sweet Krissy showing us the goods. This video has some advertisement at the beginning and end so just bear with me. I still the think the bounciness makes up for that :)

New discovery

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A couple of contributions

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These candid videos were sent by BlackStreetBBW. A pretty cool blog dedicated to the bigger, beautiful ladies. Drop in for a visit.

^^ Short and sweet, wouldn't you say?

Ps. I got an e-mail from somebody asking me for a certain lady. I just wanted to tell you I found her. Just a little tease for y'all...

TV Cleavage

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^^ This lady has a massive cleavage. I don't like her face, though. Oh well...

^^ She's more my type. Pretty in red, with big, bouncing boobs.

Cam girl

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^^ Can I get a slice of sweety pie? Oh, and can I get a side order of melons, too?

^^ Pretty decent looking girl talking about her day (???). She named the video 'boobies' probably to get more views, so here you go!!!

Girls only want to have fun

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^^ I know, you might be thinking you've seen the big-boobed chick wearing blue before. My guess is that this is another video (there was more dancing on the other one, this one is more "acting").

Elena Udrea

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Mysterious boob girl

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