Busty TV presenter

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^^ There's a VERY sweet segment in this video... The camera zooms on the boobs for a very long period of time. Nice!!!

^^ "The weather forecast for this week has a 100% chance of intense boobage."

Damn lucky iPod

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My iPod looks just like this one actually. Weird!!!

Random shit

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^^ Some guy slapping his wife's boobs.

^^ Apparently, she wants to sing "happy birthday" here. I don't know, I wasn't interested in that part.

^^ I like the chick on this video. She's just my type hahaha.

Boobies courtesy of youtube

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^^ Hey guys! Sorry for not having posted anything new for a little while! Still busy with school, and stuff. Anyways, enough chatter let's watch the boobs.

^^ Anna Cleavage and her Hot Ladies predict the Giants as the Conference Champions. Unfortunately, the video is over a year old :(

^^ Finally an interview with miss Anna Carlene. I don't know who she is, but her boobs are big enough for me :)

Picture time!

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Random youtube videos

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^^ Big boobs bouncing. Short and sweet.

^^ Big-boobed web-cam chick.

^^ Still feeling the "holiday blues"? Watch this video. It will make you feel better, I promise.

Busty latinas

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I like how voluptuous most of these chicks are. Don't worry, Spanish is not required to know why they're here.

^^ Rashel Díaz with a very tight red dress. That's a good thing, it makes her cleavage more noticeable :)

^^ This is a much sexier dress. Black dresses are much sexier than what I'd though. This video comes with a slow motion of the money shot. Watch it, you'll see it what I mean...

^^ The best for last. Keren Rios, wow!

Natalia Domestico (another video!)

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I just wanted to say thank you to the people of Califeras Unidas who have been collecting, editing, and posting these wonderful videos. Let's see the new video, shall we?

I can never get enough of her, do you?

Miosotis Hardcore video (kinda)

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I found the full-length video, courtesy of an user called cogswell. To view the video, though, you're gonna have to go to another website, and register a new account (it's free).

Here's the links: http://bigtittytube.com/media/18502/Stimulus_Package_by_Miosotis._Part_1/


Carla Conte

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Carla Conte is one of those women who make you a fan of a TV shows, even if you think the show is crap.

^^ Check out her pretty red dress, her bouncing boobs, and the dancing too! Oh, and the video has no sound for some odd reason.

^^ Carla Conte playing a game during her show. I think the caller got too distracted by her cleavage to answer the questions right.

Miosotis Hardcore video

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^^ Three minute long video featuring Miosotis and Cherokee D'Ass in a threesome. As soon as I find the full-lenght one I'll post it. I found one but it wasn't wroking properly.

Hot boobs

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Picture time

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Harley's XXX TV

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What the fuck? Lately, I've been posting a bunch of stuff I totally had no idea were going on, and they're all SO awesome!!! Anyhow, after my little rant there let's see this new "discovery" of mine...

^^ Harley Fire gets to feel Adie Fire's boobs. I hate all those damn guys who get paid to feel/ suck/ fuck women. I have to do it for free!! What gives?

^^ Things start to get pretty hot here when Shay Lynn and Adie Fire start kissing and rubbing each other. How the hell do they keep talking? Seriously...

^^ Final video for today... This chick's name is Taylor. Apparently, she is one of those Obama Girls... Here she's in the set of her first sex movie (?), and Harley gets to rub her boobs. Nice job, eh?

Ready for a workout?

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I like this company marketing strategy. Suddenly, I feel a need to use a medicine ball next time I hit the gym. It works for me!

^^ Different company (BodyRock.tv), same basic style. This is some sort of yoga instruction video, by the way.

^^ Once again, BodyRock.tv this time using a stairmaster. She's so sweaty, fuck! Oh before I forget, what song is the music on this video from? Is this Funky Town?

Lindsay Felton (mega post 3 part)

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These two videos come from a movie called Size 'Em Up. It's a fairly good short movie if you ask me. Plus, you get to see some boob jiggling, and Linday Felton trying in some bras. Nice, eh?

^^ Part 1

^^ Part 2

Hope you enjoy this very special post, and come back tomorrow for some more videos!

Lindsay Felton (mega post 2 part)

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Some more videos of her:

^^ Lindsay Felton in a movie called Anna's Dream (????)

^^ Lindsay felton in Grind. There's a longer video from this movie, but this one focuses more on Felton's two important assets. Check out her boobs bounce in slow-motion and stuff.

^^ This movie I don't know. I only know she wears a pink thingy.

Lindsay Felton (mega post part 1)

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Lindsay Felton is a favourite of the boob-obsessed crowd. She's done quite a few things so let us begin with her most recent "work."

^^ A short clip of Lindsay Felton in Scream Queens (for those who don't know, it's some reality show). Check out the boob wobble, the boob cleavage, the boob jiggle. Man, this video is gold!!!

^^ Watch out for Lindsay Felton's bikini in Scream Queens. I never watched the show, but now I'm think I should've.

^^ Another, more gory video of Lindsay in a bikini. Don't say I didn't warm you ;)

Boobs on TV shows

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^^ Ice-T and his wife Coco on Family Feud. Coco has a very nice cleavage, and like Ice-T says "it's like having a Ferrari and driving it with the car cover on it." Good analogy :)

^^ This scene has some big-boobed student cheating on a test. Guess where did she write down her notes? Entertaining if you undertand Spanish...

^^ Amanda McLane on some French sports TV show. If you don't know she is, no worries I didn't either till a few minutes ago hahaha. I love her cleavage, nicely done!

Lesbian videos

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I felt like this blog needs some hot lesbian lovin' for a change...

^^ I'm not sure who this two babes are. One seems to be Elektra Blue... I've seen the blonde in other videos, but can't recall her name. Still, a pretty hot scene.

^^ The second video has some Faith on it. Personally, I don't much care about her style, it's too softcore for my liking. This time, we get some pussy shots, however, plus she's still has some massive boobies :0)

Shay Laren

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^^ Glamour model Shay Laren doesn't seem so shy to me ;) Bad jokes aside, she does a little cute dance for us while she show us her pussy.

Mercedes Cecchetto

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Wow, look at these boobies!

^^ Non-nude clips of Mercedes from a movie called "Une grande fille comme toi" a.k.a. "A Big Girl Like You"...

^^ Here we go, this is the real deal. Sex scene with Mercedes Cecchetto. This comes from the movie I mentioned before. She's freaking hot.

Dirty dancing

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^^ Look at this naughty, naughty girl dance. She knows how to shake it, eh?

^^ This time the girl doesn't do the dance, but you still get a rather sexy striptease. Damn, this chick Mia is turning me on :)

^^ I know you probably have seen this video, but damn!!!

Boobie rant

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Apparently, this video is quite famous. I had no idea it existed till about 30 minutes ago. I don't quite see what's so controversial about it, do you?

By the way, she's pregnant. Wanna check it out? Nothing gross, other than the video is for single girls in Valentine's Day or something...

^^ The boobies got a bit bigger, huh?

Boob fighting

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Girls fight are somehow fun, and sexy.

^^ Here we have an example of boob slapping.

^^ Another example of boob fight, but this time is humourous.

^^ For the big finale, some mature women wrestling. Please notice the nice cleavage.

Busty exercise

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Ready for some exercise? Instructor Michelle is ready so...

^^ First, let us warm up...

^^ And, then, we do the harder, more demanding exercises. Arrggghhh, exhausted? Me too!! ;)

Bonus for those who still have some energy left...

Daisy Marie

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^^ Daisy Marie is being interviewed during Erotica LA 2008. Pretty sexy interview, too.

Pigtails+big tits

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^^ This time, I'll post a very nice, long (almost 25 min.)video of everybody's favourite porn star: Gianna Michaels. I like how energetic she is :) Cheers!

Mardi grass flasher comp.

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Uploaded by gorgon2

^^ Video compilation of one of the sexiest GGW ever. If you don't know who she is, here's a picture to remind you.

Super hot Japanese tits

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^^ One of the hottest videos ever! Watch as these two Japanese babes suck on each other's tits 69 style!

^^ Hitomi Tanaka getting her tits groped, and sucked at a beach.

Picture time

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Assortment of videos

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^^ This is a sort of a funny prank. Hey, the cleavage does it for me!

^^ The top 5 most sexy celebrity tits. No kidding!

^^ A selection of some very cool commercials from around the world. If anything, watch this one. Very funny stuff.

Boob job

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^^ Show this to that flat-chested girlfriend of yours. I'm sure she'll appreciate it ;)

Nicola McLean

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Nicola McLean Launches Bennetts Babes Search 2009 - Watch more Celebs

^^ Nicola McLean is apparently launching something called Bennett's Babe Search 2009 (???) To tell you the truth, I have no idea who she is, but now I feel like I should haha.

^^ An interview of Nicola by DailyRecord.co.uk

^^ She participated in a show called "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here" in the UK. Not my kind of show, but when they start talking about boobs, man, you better listen.

Spring break girl

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I dunno if you remember this chick..

Not ringing any bells?

^^ What about now? Well, it seems she's been spotted somewhere else i the Internet. Apparently, it happened a few months ago (somewhere in 2008), but I didn't know till two days ago. So, let's see what's going with her, shall we?

^^ Here she is with a pretty pink shirt, and diapers...

^^ Close up for those non-believers...

^^ The money shot... I think we kinda lost her. Still, some people might really like her now. What do you guys think? This is not my kinda thing, you know?

Myspace candid videos

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amazing big boob candid babes!

^^ A good selection of candid big boob babes...

huge candid boobs!

^^ This one is even better. Some nice bouncing going on here...

Cleavage shots

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Sexy chicks kissing

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More vloggers

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Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

^^ I like her blue bikini. Sexy, huh?

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

^^ Wow, look at that cleavage :)

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

^^ For the finale, three chicks playing around :)
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